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Birkenstock Molina Sandals purple

The BIRKENSTOCK footbed is designed to mimic the foot’s structure, distributing body weight evenly over the whole sole. The foot is perfectly supported in its biomechanical rolling action as a result of this. For those with susceptible feet, we provide several models with an integrated soft-footbed. BIRKENSTOCK spent years researching and developing this footbed. Between the flexible cork-latex mix and the sturdy natural jute and suede leather lining is an extra layer of foamed natural rubber. This layer has a high rebound capacity, allowing for long-term cushioning.

Cushioning and the lightweight EVA sole provides shock absorption.

Heat should be avoided.

Flat heel

One strap with a metal pin buckle that may be adjusted independently

One perforated main strap distinguishes it.

Liner made of suede leather:

The suede leather inside absorbs sweat and keeps the foot at a comfortable temperature all day.

Footbed made of cork and latex:

The cork-latex footbed comprises a unique combination of the finest natural cork and the best natural latex available. This is the secret behind the BIRKENSTOCK footbed’s famous lightness and flexibility.

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