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Birkenstock Molina Sandals jacinth

The BIRKENSTOCK footbed mimics the foot’s structure so that bodyweight is distributed naturally and balanced over the entire sole. In this manner, the foot gets optimal support in its biomechanical rolling action. We provide several models with integrated soft-footbed for susceptible feet. The creation of this footbed has taken BIRKENSTOCK years of rigorous and intense study. An extra layer of foamed natural rubber is put in between the flexible cork-latex mix encircled By the suede leather lining and the solid natural jute. This layer offers an extremely high degree of rebound capacity which enables long-lasting cushioning.

Lightweight EVA sole for cushioning and shock absorption

Avoid excessive heat \sHeel shape: flat

Details: One strap with a metal pin buckle that may be adjusted separately. It’s one perforated main straps distinguish it

1. Suede leather lining: The suede leather liner absorbs moisture and offers a healthy environment all around the foot.

2. Foam insert: The mark of distinction of the soft-footbed, the anatomically moulded foam insert, comprises millions of tiny air bubbles that significantly facilitate walking and standing.

3. 2nd jute layer: The second jute layer is put around the edge of the footbed. This improves the flexibility of the footbed and significantly affects the lifespan of the soft footbed. This layer comprises thick, absorbent woven jute, which takes up moisture.

4. Cork-latex footbed: The cork-latex footbed comprises a unique combination of finest natural cork and best grade natural latex. This is the secret of our famous extraordinarily light and very flexible BIRKENSTOCK footbed.

5. 1st jute layer: The initial jute layer stabilizes the footbed.

6. Bottom sole: The bottom sole comprises the elastic and long-lasting substance EVA. It is abrasion-resistant and stresses absorbing.

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