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Birkenstock produces classic, comfortable, and stylish sandals that have combined utility and fashion into an essential shoe in every man and woman’s spring/summer wardrobe. Despite its worldwide popularity, the Birkenstock may be a bit of a mystery if you’re unfamiliar with the brand or its styles. There are frequent new arrivals from time to time. 

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned Birkenstock enthusiast, we’ve teamed up with our professional footwear purchasing team to address all of your concerns regarding Birkenstock.

The Birkenstock concept of prioritizing function above form has been handed down through the generations. Konrad Birkenstock, Johann Adam’s great-great-grandson, had the brilliant idea to create and market ergonomically designed footbed inserts in 1896. Birkenstock became the pinnacle of affordable luxury from then on.

This invention influenced the company’s destiny and had a significant role in communicating the brand’s history to the globe – simple, iconic, and healthy. Birkenstock’s creativity is based on German craftsmanship and is intended to promote and support healthy walking habits that improve its customers’ quality of life. Check out new arrivals here.

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