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BIRKENSTOCK Monterey Leather Slide Sandal White Men/women

The ‘Exquisite’ Monterey sandal is a flexible classic Birkenstock sandal with two adjustable straps. It is presently only available in the unique leather-covered version, a firm favourite with traditionalists and fashion-forward alike.

The Monterey Exquisite is a completely wrapped leather two-strap sandal that is a beautiful dressier option in Arizona. It is ideal for casual and formal use, and it still provides the same support as a Classic Birkenstock Footbed.

The inside and outside border of Birkenstock exquisite models’ traditional cork footbeds are covered in incredibly soft and supple Nappa leather.

The Monterey Leather features two adjustable straps that you may fasten to keep your foot in place.

Some individuals like to wear the straps free, but we suggest that you maintain the belt over the ball of your foot secured snugly, so your foot doesn’t slide about as you walk.

It could take few days for the leather straps to soften., so take it slowly, and don’t be scared to wear them with socks and sandals as you break them in. This will help prevent the straps from scraping on your foot.

Because this design is only available in a small width, it’s ideal for those with narrow to average-width feet.

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